Preparing for the Visit


Preparing for the Visit

To Prepare:

  1. Identify the goal of the Giant Map visit.

    Do you want students to become familiar with map reading in general? Are you focusing on teaching Colorado geography, history, environment, and landforms? Depending on the lesson, preparation and post-visit activities can be planned to reinforce the content and skills that the Giant Map will be demonstrating.  Students should be reminded to bring socks and to avoid sliding on the Giant Map.

  2. The curriculum for the map is located online.

    Reviewing the curriculum in advance is a great way to prepare to get the most out of your Giant Map visit. Explore the lessons that might be most appropriate for your classroom. For any lesson in the National Geographic and Colorado Geographic Alliance curriculum, all the materials needed for the lesson will be provided with the map.  However, you are also welcome to create your own lessons.

  3. You could post information about the visit of the Giant Map on your calendar outside the school.

    If all teachers are not able to use the map, you might want to be sure and inform people that the map is at the school in morning announcements so that they could stop by and see what it entails. If you have regular volunteers or parents in the classroom, they would enjoy exploring the map as well.

  4. The sign-up template is a tool you can use to set up 30 to 45 minute increments (this seems to work best).

    Eight sessions a day is usually the most that can be fit in, although sometimes an additional section can be completed over lunch.  Preparing this information helps both students and COGA staff have a sense of how the day will work. Also, having a sense of the number of students in the class is helpful so the materials can be ready. 

    Sign-Up Template

  5. Please fill out the user agreement.

    Please also email a copy to prior to your visit.

    User Agreement