Giant Map of Colorado

Giant Map of Colorado

A User's Guide to Giant Floor Maps: A Colorado Case Study, Rebecca Theobald, The Geography Teacher, Volume 18, 2021, Issue 1, pages 55-72

Watch this video for an overview of using National Geographic Giant State Maps with students and community members.

The Giant Map of Colorado, an oversized vinyl floor map (14' x 21'), is designed to encourage geographic learning through physical movement and games, teaching place names, physical geography, and cultural geography as well as map reading skills. Based on the national giant traveling map program featuring continents and the Pacific Ocean, National Geographic created a giant map of each state to travel to schools, libraries, and museums. Now you can purchase a Giant Map for your own school, district, or region. Visit the National Geographic website for details

Wondering where you might be able to find a Giant Map of Colorado to borrow for classroom instruction or a community activity? Investigate this online map with locations and contact details across the state.

Watch the video below to see how giant maps are made.