Professional Development


Professional Development

Because geography extends to everywhere and everything, there are literally thousands of opportunities for professional development hosted by organizations and corporations that could be considered related to geography. COGA has compiled a list here of ongoing resources that we consider to be of particular interest to the audience of Colorado geographers.

  • Founded in 2007, GEEO is a 501c3 non-profit organization that runs travel programs for teachers. Detailed information about each trip, including itineraries, costs, travel dates, and more can be found at GEEO can be reached 7 days a week, toll free at 1-877-600-0105 between 9AM-9PM EST.

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    CAEE offers professional development that highlights topics of interest to the environmental education community.  These learning opportunities widen perspectives, enhance skills, and further refine techniques.  Some topics discuss specific issues, others wax philosophically, and some provide specific skills development. CAEE regularly offers workshop based on the National Guidelines for Excellence in Environmental Education and Inclusion within the Environmental Education field. Check their calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times.

  • COGA maintains a collection of links to Professional Development Opportunities on Pinterest. Connect with us there and repin these links to your own board!